Lonely & Confused.

by babblingxbrooke   Aug 21, 2007


I'm leaving, heading far away.
I can't stand living in this place one more day.

in this place I once loved to call home is now more like a torment,
lock myself in my room avoiding any conversations that will most likely lead to an arguement.

I'm being held on a leash and I wanna break free,
I want to take risks and experience what this life has in store for me.

I'm bound to make mistakes but from them I will learn,
and it will make me a better and stronger person in return.

it's not only my family that is driving me insane,
but also the heart breaks and rejections that I have to blame.

I've been hurt so many times, its really getting old,
I know every excuse in the book, each one I've been told.

I may not look like a playboy bunny or a model on the runway,
but I have a genuine heart that I'm willing to give away.

I would give you everything if only for a chance,
but even if I lay on the floor, you wouldn't give a passing glance.

I'm packed and ready to go out to find my place in this world.

The Lonely and Confused Teenage Girl


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  • 14 years ago

    by Lost IN a RIVER of Tears

    Thats amazing. i know how you feel.
    Keep it up

  • 14 years ago

    by ali

    Aww that is such a sweet poem, it's written so truthfully and with a reality that's a bit haunting really.
    i really liked it and hope there's more where it came from!!! 5/5