The Dark Whispers

by LithiumSacrifice   Aug 24, 2007

The dark,

The wind whistles silently,
As it weaves, I feel hollow.
My chest tore open carelessly,
Leaving drops of blood to follow.

Let the flower touch a gentle cheek,
Where the tears caress my skin.
Wanting you to hold me when I'm weak,
Keep me from dying within.

Delicate strands of deep blue,
Much like the dark changing sea.
Where in the darkness there is only you,
The only light I could ever let touch me.

Go to where the rush starts,
Travel within my veins.
Reach inside my beating heart,
Your touch chases away the pains.

Your soft voice that I hear,
Puts together hopes once rust.
And every haunting fear,
Floats away within the dust.

Whisper, and call me by any name,
So long that I belong to you.
Take me wild, but make me tame,
I'll love you, like you never knew.

As you rest your head to sleep,
Words spoken, from me are true.
Darling we no longer must weep,
You have me and I have you.

The dark,
I love you.

This is to my boyfriend, I know some parts of the poem kinda seem 'dark' but I guess its all how you interpret it.
I sent it to a friend the night I wrote it and he turned it into a song, I thought it was pretty cool. :) anyways, tell me what you honestly think. thx :) ~Lith


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  • 12 years ago

    by Princess of snow

    The poem is so softly written, I like that about it. :) How sweet it's also a dedication, great JOB!! I gove you a 5/5!!

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