My Conviction

by Gabrielle   Sep 13, 2007

Looking at myself from the outside, hearing all the painful screams.
The light from within fades lighter as happiness turns to misery.
Even your words cannot justify my old habits of self destruction.
Holding every bit of self control tighter, knowing there is not protection.
The darkness stripping me of what little hope I had left.
Tying me down with my past not allowing me to forget the anguish.
Set me free, I don't want to be a slave to this addiction.
Fearing one day it will consume me, leaving hell as my conviction.
Don't force me to be one with the fires of hell.
Begging for a second chance, regretting the burden I refused to tell.
Laughter a musical note upon the ears of the dead.
Mocking my eternal sadness, the tears I am forced to shed.


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