by babblingxbrooke   Sep 16, 2007

**In 6th Grade I Had To Introduce Myself To My English Class..Write An Essay, Make A Collage, ETC...So I Decided To Write A Poem & Here It Is**

One day a baby named Brooke was born
The world would not be the same
She grew up to be a twelve year old with hopes of fortune and fame

As a one year old I talked alot, they called me "Babbling Brooke"
I guess somethings will never change, maybe I should write a book

At two years old, I stole the show everywhere we went
I danced and sang my made up songs
Im not sure what they meant

When I was three, I embarrassed my mom with some of the things Id say
"Hey, look at that fat lady and her big fat kids"
Id make my mom want to melt away

At four years old at my Pre-K, the teachers had a name for me
They called me the "cruise director"
Ok, maybe I was a little bossy

At five years old, the day my sister was born
Tactful, I was not
The first thing I said when I saw my mom was "Stand up, let me see how skinny you got"

At six years old, I tried something new
I hit the cheerleading scene
The Pioneers were very surprised to see me elected "Bowl Queen"

At seven years old, I challenged myself to try out for dance competition
To my surprise I made the team, and that is just what I was wishing

First Holy Communion was a big thing in year eight
Wish someone would have told me the bread doesnt taste so great

Year nine was uneventful;I couldnt wait til when
I hit the double digits;Thats when Id be ten

My tenth year was exciting, we did the Disney Cruise
Lots of things to see, lots of things to do

When I was eleven, we went to Baltimore
We went to the aquarium where we saw dolphins and much more

Now Im twelve and life is fun
I know its only just begun
At twelve they say youre in the "tweens"
I just hope I live to see thirteen

**I DID! WHOOHOO! haha, Im now 15**


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  • 14 years ago

    by Kyle

    Awww this poem is the cutest thing ever!! great job!! lol