by Gabrielle   Sep 18, 2007

Family, if you did not know you will find out very soon,
That everything I said was a lie though you though it was the truth.
Family, I can bet you didn't know that "your little girl" has been popping pills.
Taking more and more getting all these cheap thrills.
Family, last night I got a blade and took the anger out on myself.
Forgetting about you, especially the way you felt.
Family, I have been lighting up trying to ease the pain.
Getting everyones problems and putting myself to blame.
Family, do you know I go into my room and cry because of the life I live?
Feeding this fire thats burning me limb by limb.
Family, the other day I saw the disappointment in your eyes.
Hoping this will end, and you can go on with your lives.
Family, I quit one habbit and start with the next.
Seeing which one puts me underground, ending all the stress.
Family, do you know I think of myself as nothing...just a useless cause?
Someone who's in the dark, so lonely and so lost.
Family, see the real me as I take my last breath.
Getting all the sadness I harbor and putting it to rest.


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Kenneth

    Hey gabby love the poem lots of feeling and know im always here if you need me just give me a call

  • 13 years ago

    by Teesh

    I lve this poem this is how i feel at the moment,
    Keep up the good work 5/5....
    Luv always Teesh xx

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