Everything you need

by MorbidCupcake   Oct 9, 2007

Its my assumption that youre shining inside
Cuz youve got her standing so close by
Your arms wrapped around
Her perfect waistline
Her hands holding on perfectly tight

Youve got everything you need now
Everything you need
You can be happy
Because youre not with me

To this degree of white lies and black knives
You can forget me
Ill just lie here
And pretend youre still by my side
Oh so peacefully
Because you used to be

Youve got everything you need now
Everything you need
You can be free
Because you dont have to save me

Shes not as much of a beautiful disaster
And Im not anything that could matter
You said goodbye over and over
And it only took forever
To mend my heart you severed
With that dangerous weapon of yours
Called the truth, it really hurts

So kiss her a thousand times
Live your life and be fine
Im happy that youre happy now


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  • 14 years ago

    by *Charisma*

    Even though it doesn't have a definite rhyme scheme throughout, it does rhyme. I usually would just go back and read something else when I can tell there's not a real structure to the piece, but something about your poem kept me here, and kept me reading. It was very good and SO easy to relate to. It's got a 'realness' to it. I think you did a nice job with it!
    I LOVED LOVED LOVED your last three lines!
    Great ending :)