What you have given me

by Oracle   Oct 20, 2007

There are many secrets i have kept away from you;
it annoys you to no end.

there a lot of words of love i have whispered to you;
i have yet to hear them.

there are plenty of smiles i flashed at you;
none have formed on your dearest lips.

there are countless shards of hope i have donated to you;
you have rejected them all.

there are several scars on my body and soul that i have taken for you;
nothing has marred your body.

there are a thousand embraces i have given you;
there have been none for me.

there are unlimited kisses that have decorated you;
you have yet to give me a real one.

there are a billion tears that i have shed for and from you;
not a single one has escaped your stoic eyes.

there are a hundred compliments i have said to you;
only crude remarks have passed through your mouth.

there are innumerable times i held the hands belonging to you;
i have not experienced a comfort nor luxury like that yet.

there are various gifts i have given you;
there is only one you have given me.

that one gift is why i love you so much;
it was the only thing you could give...

your trust...
your everything in the end of life.

so no matter what other lovers may have,
i am fortunate enough to know that you have given me all of you.


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  • 16 years ago

    by supratim

    O LORD !! This is an another painful piece embellished with incredible feelings. Really a brilliant work. Honestly!!
    5/5 or more.
    Ive straight away added this poem to my favourite list!!