Watch. And Learn.

by Fighter (Ariane L.)   Oct 24, 2007

Hips swinging to the music, she's absorbed.
Nothing is to disturb her; she's in her world.
Don't ask her to dance with you,
Don't touch her, don't even think about it.

Just watch me sway my hips.

The blond hair moves to the music
And the light spotted on her makes it glisten.
Don't ask her to dance,

Just watch me.

Lost in her world, only the music speaks to her.
The rest is simply irrelevant.
Watch me. And learn.

*I was listening to a song tonight and somehow, a whole scenery came to mind and I started writing.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Lima Pappa

    You got my vote! What a lovely note!

  • 14 years ago

    by Empty Space

    Wow! The image this gave me. Really intelligent poem this! the way you made the charachter feel like she was untouchable and/or devine in the sense that one might look, but not touch. Truly wonderful!