by santino   Oct 31, 2007

i can here voices
come and go
come with speed
and go very slow
but yet thous voices i hear
voices so dear
voices with fear...
i here screeching..
and comfort like a nice song..
but thous voices i hear
saying things i cant understand
but i know they come to me
but i don't know from who...
i can here voices that say....
i cant unfrase.. its to complicated...
so all i understand
is that thous voices fade away
come to welcome me in
but then just close up like a gate...
thous voices i hear telling me things,...
my history.... my loves... my days...
but then what i at last understand
was that that person said i love you....
at last no voices to be heard...
who was it i don't know....
but what i do know
is that that person knows me...
so lets say i did understand
but i wish i knew who it was
so i could answer back
and if so
say i love you
for, i doubt i could find that person again....
but thous voices went like sand..
so fare well to the unknown.....
but yet to be discovered
and very well known


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  • 15 years ago

    by kasia nicole

    That was a really good poem and i liked it i liked how you set it up to

  • 15 years ago

    by Daisy if you do

    Overall a good poem. There were a few minor spelling errors, and though a bit of the poem was redundant, I felt the overall message was clear. You have talent and I am sure you will improve the more you write. Also, in my opinion you could watch the first person ( all of the I's used ) I noticed that in a couple of your poems and someone once told me that after you establish it once then anymore is overdoing it. Just be careful with that. I did enjoy your poems and believe you have talent, and I look forward to reading more of your work. If indeed your age is true then you may be far more talented beyond your years.