Taste of the hollow

by Lenny   Nov 7, 2007

Taste of the hollow
Beg to sample
Wash hands in lust
Sinner, sinner
Spit that toxin out-

If I were hollow
Would I breed with
Shells of men?
With the hollow
--the empty
--the soulless

Could I breathe you
These words?
Breed sentences
With mine own tongue-

Lust for words
Whether from fingers
Or convulsing mouth

I am not hollow
Why did you ask?

What from these lips
Do you expect?
The taste of the hollow. . .


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  • 15 years ago

    by Melpomene

    Interesting, I liked this it was definitly different and I like that about your work there not cliche at all which brightens my day up =] The flow seems to go off just a tiny bit in some places but nothing much to reuin the poem at all. A great poem. Well done. ~Mel