I was yours, and you were mine.

by Run out of words   Nov 8, 2007

It feels like forever,
since I've written down words.
Since I've touched this pen on this paper,
since I've jumped into my world.

In these few months,
I betrayed the love of my life.
I found somebody new,
but he's only given me strife.

I love him so very much,
but he can't see what I feel for him.
And I know he loves me back,
he just can't show what's within.

But everything he does,
it hurts me.
And I only wish he could see.
That everything I do,
I do so that he'll show that he cares for me.

Baby I left my life for you,
I changed everything I was.
I'm a completely different person now,
and that's the reason I need you...because...

You've become a part of this new person,
you've become a part of me.
I can't remember what it was like...
me without you.
And I can't remember who you were...
without me.

And now everything is rough,
and we're having problems.
I wish you could see these tears I cry.
And baby when you avoid me like that,
I try so hard to see through all your lies.

Because through all the sh*t I put up with,
I know deep down you love me.
And through all the sh*t I put you through,
I love you too...
I wish you could see.

I just want all this to stop,
and I want to go back in time.
You and me in bed,
me in your arms...
it wasn't so far back...
I was yours.
And you were mine...


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