Abused and Broken. (Collab With Alexis)

by babblingxbrooke   Nov 12, 2007

A young little girl,
afraid; hiding behind the door.
through the crack, she sees her parents yelling,
then her mom stumbles to the floor.

she just can't comprehend,
why her dad is always mad.
he's always yelling and abusive,
even at times when she isn't bad.

every time she sees mom, she's passed out on the couch,
with a beer bottle in her hand.
she sometimes goes to sleep hungry,
and still, she just doesn't understand.

all the yelling and the screaming, it's just no use,
and the beer bottle smashes on the floor.
all the hitting, punching, and abuse,
she just hopes it won't happen anymore.

her dads pointing fingers, cursing uncontrollably,
her mom stood up; vision blurred, she can barely see.

to the phone her mom runs and dad is on her tail,
he kicks her in the back and as the phone falls from her grip she gives a heart-wrenching wail.

from behind the door, it's raining tears,
this girl can't take it, for her mom's life she fears.

she can hear the curses, the cries for help, and the screams.
through the window, comes the red and blue flashing beams.

the doorbell rings, then comes a knock,
her mom on the floor and dad in complete utter shock.

he threatens his wife,
and slowly opens the door.
apparently the neighbors heard the screams,
and they asked the police to investigate more.

they see the bruises and scrapes upon the wifes face,
but she told them that she only fell.
her insides shaking, afraid for her life,
the husband she once loved said he would kill her if she dared to tell.

the police step inside to see a crack in the door,
they open it to find a girl crying, helpless on the floor.

the phone is off the hook and her dad peers in,
now he knows she was the one to turn him in.

the anger is rising in her fathers eyes,
and a part of her fear slowly dies.

she stares down her father and words just pour out,
but she does not have to yell or shout.

"no longer do I want to live a life of fear, and always have to be afraid.
for today I knelt down and prayed,
for God to give me strength to get us through,
and go on living this life without you.
daddy, I'm doing this for your own good. you need help
and I only wish you knew how I've felt.
I love you but I'm also scared, so this I had to do.
I'm sorry but we have to say goodbye to you."

tears keep streaming down her face as she says her goodbye,
the police put her dad in handcuffs,
for they did not believe any of his lies.

they walk him to the car,
he looks one more time through the window, and then they drive away.
she feels so confused and alone,
thinking why it had to end this way.

another broken family,
with a broken little girl.
have you ever thought,
how many more girls are like her in this world?


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  • 13 years ago

    by Kyle

    Wow i am soo amazed by this poem!! lol YOu and Lexi rock!! wow...i teared up reading it, and it was just awesome. i love it. =) great beautiful job!! 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by kla

    Heyyyyyyyy good poem so cute w/ lots of emotion</33