Listen Pay Attention

by Royal   Nov 22, 2007

Listen pay attention.

An Don't get lost in thought.

clear ya head lose ya mind.

An Listen As I talk.

No Government here.

I gotta Free lookin Walk.

Iz Strictly Me. We Us three.

My Mind, you, And He.

Not Blinded Like the people.

Not Glued to CNN.

News is News to me.

But your mind it will Befriend.

Never let it Enter.

The Chip "they" try to Give.

Yes we fight for freedom.

But look at how we live.

Consuming all we get.

Not thinking about our kids.

Go a million miles just to take their treasure.

Finding our Honesty.

Good Luck and look forever.

Can we check ourselves before the time is up.

We think its hard now. We Wish our children luck.

Sometimes We should wonder What the F**k


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