by Royal   Oct 19, 2007

Troubles erased. Mind Elated.

Flying Through the Sky. Yes I made.

Escaped the world. Different Level.

Not a worry in sight. Relaxed an Relieved.

This is my Break from the Fight.

Inhale the clouds and I'm Relaxed all night.

Thoughts enter my mind that I've never fathomed.

What if I could fly with angels. What if I had them.

I exhale the clouds. Feeling Every touch.

Now I wonder. How can I travel and think so much.

In Space on the moon with stars on my chain.

I feel separate from my body but mind Intact.

This feeling I can't escape I hope it isn't an act.

I've reached Heights no one else can visits.

Talked to those no one else can witness.

My Dream is interrupted as I choke.

This isn't what you do it's what you learn.


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