by babblingxbrooke   Nov 25, 2007

this time you've got me mad.

for my sixteenth birthday is coming near,
and the one gift you promised me for the longest time, is no longer here.

I guess your on and off girlfriend and her two kids used the money well,
I feel like you've painted a new picture, and forgot me; no longer an important detail.

always at work or on vacation; a call here and there.
broken promises and plans we made; I'm glad to see you care.

her ex husband is a bas-ard; and feels he shouldn't pay child support.
so dad, many times you've went with her, to take this situation to court.

I'm sorry their father is the way he is, he's an ass-ole there is no doubt,
but I feel like I'm the one without a father, always with them and leaving me out.

but when you two once again split, I'm sure to get a phone call,
we go out to dinner and you tell me how never again will you go through it all.

then we make plans and you say we have a guest,
I already know who it is; you can't seem to give the relationship a rest.

don't get me wrong, I like her and her kids, but in my eyes they seem more important to you.
and they get more of your love and care then I ever do.

I hope you have a happy life,
and maybe one day she will soon be your wife.

but I don't want to be apart of that relationship anymore,
until you walk her down the alter.

your lonely and distraught daughter


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  • 13 years ago

    by shantavia

    Wow i hope this anit ture but if it is im sorry to hear that its a very touching poem i loved it alot

  • 13 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Aww thats really emotional, sorry you have to feel this way, hope all works out, keep writing i like it xxxxxxxxx