I still love you

by stuart s   Nov 25, 2007

I still love you, I still want you near
To be back together with you
I would wait year after year
Just to feel your warm loving embrace
And to see your ever so beautiful face
To get one bittersweet kiss
From your luscious, tender lips
To be able to hold you close
Would make my tethered heart do flips

When i spend time with you
I feel like the happiest man alive
I'm always smiling and full of joy
When I sleep i wish our love could thrive
But i know that will never happen
And it obviously makes me cry
But theres one thing I would hate
And that's for you to say goodbye

So please never leave me
Say you'll always be there
To make my life that little bit happier
Even if your love, you will not share
I don't know what I would do without you here
I would not be able to live on
Even though you shall never be mine again
The point of this poem is
I shall love you for all eternity
And will forever cherish our very last kiss


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