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Hey people, I hope you enjoy my poems, please vote and comment. I know my poems ain't perfect so please tell me how I could improve them.

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  • Country : UK
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Latest Poems By Jenny Sys

  • Ten months later,
    Everything has worked out fine...

  • I thought I was joking
    I didn't think I meant it...

  • You sit there,
    You tell me you want it...

  • Sat through heartbreak,
    As you hold me to you...

  • I'm hiding it,
    I'm hiding that I feel...

Latest Quotes By Jenny Sys

  • You told me I was beautiful,
    And even though a lot of people tell me that,
    I think you're the only one who really meant it,
    For you were the only one who really took the time to look.

    14 years ago
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  • I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away,
    I'd rather go deaf than to hear you say you hate me,
    I'd give up all things just to stay with you,
    Because what's everything if I don't have you?

    14 years ago
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  • I'm so scared to get too close,
    But I'm willing to risk the pain,
    Because I'll only get one chance,
    At this strange feeling with no name.

    14 years ago
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