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Okay, well here is my life....lol j/k. Well, I write pretty often, but I get advice from friends before putting them on here. So only my best ones (or my friends' best ones) get put on here, and I would really like critism. I'm trying to get better, and all my poems are about things that have actually happened to me, so please don't say that I "stole" it from someone else. The few poems on my page that aren't by me, are by my friends, and I don't appreciate people saying those are "stolen" either. Critism is nice, but if you just plain HATE my writing, well don't read any more of my poems, don't go through them and leave a comment on each of them saying how much you hate them.

Much love everyone!

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  • This world is full of smiles and tears
    Its full of dreams and fears...

  • A wise man once told me
    That there was more fish in the sea...

  • I love you
    But I love him too...

  • I made myself swear to forget you
    But every time I saw you, I forgot to...

  • You ruined my life
    So I said goodbye...

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  • Cry me a boat and build a river to get over it!

    ~lol my friend was trying to say Cry me a river and build a boat to get over it, but she messed up

    12 years ago
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  • You and your friends go out looking all goody-goody, while me and my friends go out looking good in jeans and a hoodie!

    heck yes we do!

    12 years ago
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  • I lost 10 pounds, but don't worry, I found it again.

    13 years ago
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