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hey. my name is kelsey im 17. and thats basically all about me! well im fun, and i love my friends. they are the best, esp cody! hes my hero. i love him with all my heart and would do anything for him. and im really looking forward to graduation. but other than that... i dont like talking about myself. so most of this is prolly about my friends. (i love you guys!!)i love to write. i do it in my spare time (which i have a lot of now) its always fun to write for me it helps with stress (which i also have a lot of now) i love to read poems that other people write as well. all my poems are about somebody, or a feeling i have. they all come from the heart. i love all my friends to death, sarah, cody, julia, ian, jason, carrie, josie, nicole, riley, zach, jenna, cassy, brice, and anybody else. and thank you for being there for me. i am a very large procrastinator! i live to help people. its what i do...anybody at all. it makes me happy. so if you ever need to talk. my email is kjacobsen@nelhs.org, i try to check it once a day if not more. votes and comments are always greatly appreciated. and i will comment back. thank all of you for your votes and comments. i will catch yall later.


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  • Can you really fall out of love with someone? or is it just the way you love them that changes?

    13 years ago
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  • Love is only a feeling
    Drifting away
    When I'm in your arms I start believing
    It's here to stay
    But love is only a feeling

    ~ The Darkness: Love Is Only A Feeling

    13 years ago
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  • I really cant say if im getting better or just used to the pain

    used to the pain- tracy lawrence

    14 years ago
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