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heya i'm quite a lovely person if you can be bothered to get to know me! i've had a really hard life and just as i thought it was getting better it got 5 times worse!!! but i am trying to cope!!
i used to self harmed, but now i haven't self harmed since july 6th!!!! all my mates are proud of me and i'm proud of myself!!!
anywayz i have been writing poems for about 4 months, writing poems is the only way that i can get my feelings out because i find it hard to talk to people!!!!
but i have some really lovely mates, but not many on here apart from Icklebaby and kitkat they are lovely!!!!
i alwayz love making new friends, and i don't mind talking to people if there a bit sad or something i'm here if you ever want someone to talk to, so message me if you want, and i really appreciate comments on my poems so i would really like it if you could please go and read atleast one of my poems and comment on it!!! thanx!!!!
luv RaNdOmGaL xxx

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Latest Poems By RaNdOmGaL

  • Oh daddy can't you see?
    that little girl just isn't me...

  • Don’t you feel like sometimes you wanna...
    Your so confused you can’t even cry...

  • I used to be happy
    but now i don't know what it means...

  • I'm here in this place again
    i seem to come here everyday...

  • I would do anything for her
    even though she don't deserve it...

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  • I think the angel thts ment to be making me happy must be taking a coffee break

    15 years ago
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  • I say your sexy,
    you say i'm sweet!
    now we're alone,
    let's turn up the heat!

    15 years ago
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  • Heavens not in the sky............
    heavens in a spliff!!!

    15 years ago
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