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uhh hey....
My name is sarah...i read books alot. read i like writing stuff.
short stories & poems & other junk I think up . And I play sports ( field hockey basketball)
If u've got time plz read my stuff, well thanx bye,

p.s. I won't always be able to put up a poem all the time ,but I try. You know how school is so pce and Later

wow I haven't been on it two months, um yeah, I've quit that habit...and my grandpa died sucky I know but that's not important laterz

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  • I'm not the one that made me do it, it was you
    The fakeness that was you...

  • The color that most fear, but others thrill. The...
    The blood that flows through veins. And seeps out...

  • There used to be a time when the style of your...
    Now insecurities come about, eating away at you...

  • Isit in the place
    listening to the rain...

  • Alone, sitting on the tracks on to the palce she...

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  • Nobody should have to go through the pain that I went through...Not even the bee-otches and it was all because of you

    13 years ago
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  • I wish I didn't know inside that it won't work out.


    14 years ago
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  • LaBeLs ArE foR SouPcAnS

    14 years ago
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