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Hi, I'm Andrew... Got nothing better to say about myself unless you ask!

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  • Oh it... Oh it rains, Oh it rains, All her days...
    Though she... Though she loves it, Though she...

  • Everything around me is green...
    Everything is not as it seemed...

  • Between us both, there is something I lack...
    Look at my heart, that ain't just a crack...

  • Staring out at nothing...
    Scared of all the what am Is...

  • Looking through the clear, the blue wells up...
    sadness crushes fear, for all my wasted time...

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  • It must take an eternity for my whisper to reach her ear when I said I love you, do you love me... The reason I say an eternity is because I still await an answer.

    16 years ago
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  • If they say man can travel to the stars and using a powerful microscope to see earth, they could probably see into the past... I say is it possible to go just far enough to see yourself leaving? If so what would happen when you reach yourself?

    16 years ago
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