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hey whats up ppl?
i'm katelyn,
i write poems not alot but i only write when i'm inspired.
i live in the U.S, Michigan i love it here in MI. i like to travel alot, i like to see new places. the place i've always wanted to go to is Florida or somewhere near it. ok well that's all i have to say so peace!!

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  • Age : 14
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, Michigan
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Latest Poems By Katelyn

  • All the pain and sorrow he put me through.
    all the scars i have just from him...

  • He's there but i can't see him.
    he's there but with another girl...

  • Love! (1)

    I hope everyone finds someone
    that will never let them go...

  • No one understands
    people just walk away...

  • One girl,
    no friends...

Latest Quotes By Katelyn

  • It's hard to have a friend that you have feelings for and then when they find out they think you're crazy when you're only crazy for them

    13 years ago
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  • Why do people say they love you and walk away?

    14 years ago
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  • I say I'm here for him if he needs me but he turns to another girl.

    14 years ago
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