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i've read a few poems from different writers and most of them are great. anyway, i'm just a regular, normal person interested in poems & stories, & also writing them. you there, please feel free to comment on any of my works (limited though they may be). any comment, reaction, or suggestion as to the style of my writing and the nature of my subjects are fully appreciated. i like to learn & hear from you.

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Latest Poems By silverwoulfe

  • Write broken words and thoughtless phrases
    or scribbles on the walls...

  • In the shower or in the rain,
    Nobody can see me cry in pain...

  • In the buzz if everyday living,
    In the busy rhythm of our lives...

  • I miss him, though I say otherwise
    I look for him even when he's not there...

  • "In dreams alone do i seek your face,
    your brilliant smile, your warm embrace...

Latest Quotes By silverwoulfe

  • People need not be immortalized to be remembered.

    17 years ago
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  • "It is during our unguarded moments of weakness and sorrow when the purest forms of prayers escape our lips."

    17 years ago
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  • "the golden leaves of autumn fell like tears mourning the loss of spring; so my heart bleeds crimson tears, yearning for someone who is no longer there."

    17 years ago
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