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i am 17 years old and i am a performing arts student and no i am not gay. i enjoy writing poems. please when you view my poems vote. and if u could leave a comment that would be great. it motivates me to write more. cheers peeps!!

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  • Age : 17
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  • Look at me when im talking to you
    i have moved heaven and hell for you...

  • "Cancer, the doctor says i have got this...
    What would you do if you were told these words...

  • "i dont love you anymore"
    those were the words that rang in...

  • Dear Friend,
    I thank you for stabbing me...

  • Am i not cool, cos i do not wear my trousers down...
    will i not be accepted into your crowd cos i'm not...

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  • "my friends are fast becoming acquaintances "

    13 years ago
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  • "making friends is easy, keeping them is the hard part"

    13 years ago
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  • "i do not have friends, i have collegues, i do not have family, i have people allocated to me by blood!

    13 years ago
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