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How much blood loss does is take to die? [More than I wish to find out] So why am I still here waiting? [Because I'm in love] The Army is fun and has a lot of good things. But it's also very controlling. I'm on break right now! I'm in top-shape as well. It's nice ;) She said, "I don't hate you, I just want to save you... while there's still something left to save" I told her, "I love you girl, but I'm not the answer for the questions you still have"
Show me true devotion and I'll show you a love that is un-paralleled... Believe in me and I will be [Beautiful Forever] I lost Amira... But I will find her. I love Amira with all of my heart. I miss her more than anything... Amira, you're my ~everything~ [I will find you]

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  • My stupid heart keeps breaking and leaving pieces hidden behind. So when I'm fixing it and picking up the pieces, I don't get them all. Instead, I keep caring about things that I can't control, or that have hurt me...

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