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Poetry is like the air I breathe. It helps to keep me alive.
--B.K. Robinson

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Latest Poems By Cuddles

  • I used to wake and watch the sunrise,
    the colors illuminating my dark skin...

  • Walls (2)

    He erects tall walls around his heart
    whenever he gets mad...

  • Enchanting celestial body
    charm me with the way you move...

  • Together as one we finally are
    holding hands, uniting hearts...

  • With one little word I died today.
    It ripped me open deep inside...

Latest Quotes By Cuddles

  • Tell me you just want to be friends, that you don't feel the connection between us. Tell me that you don't lay awake at night thinking of me in your arms, and that you don't want me there for always. Go ahead. Lie to me.


    18 years ago
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  • Poetry is the definition of who you are, who you once were, and who you will someday become.


    18 years ago
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  • "All's not fair in love and war because in love you already stole my heart."


    18 years ago
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