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My names Megan, I've been writing poetry since I was about 13, so about 5 years. I write mostly Dark/Morbid/Fantasy like poems, but sometimes something happy-ish comes out, or just strange.

I'm a Fine Arts major in college, I like to draw, again Dark/Morbid/Fantasy type things, or cartoonie things, that still have a morbid sense to them, even my "happy" stuff has a morbid touch to it normally.

I love rock music, few country songs, some techno/rave/club music (I like the beats) I even like Classical music or soundtracks to movies like Pirates of the Caribbean (Which I actually LOVE "At Worlds End" soundtrack!)

I love reading poetry, but I try to be very honest with people when I read their poetry, there is only one way to improve, and thats to see the flaws, and you wont get anywhere with someone babying you (My Design teacher taught me that) It maybe harsh, but its for your own good, I'm trying to help you, just remember that... And yes, I expect the same thing in return, I always want to improve, and being in these Art classes have shown me that you need critiquing from other people to improve.

I mostly critique imagery, idea, wording, and grammer. I also like poems that just run smoothly (Yes I know not all mine do, which is why I'm never happy with my poems lol). I dont care about rhyming! Poetry doesnt have to rhyme! Ask anyone who knows anything about poetry or English composition!

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  • The Beauty of skin, rots away within time.
    The Beauty of the soul, sings out, in an exquisite Rhyme.


    14 years ago
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  • Write myself on a piece of paper,
    Crumble it up, throw it away,
    That is the end I say.


    14 years ago
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