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Living within the darkness,
Trying hard to find one ray of sunlight.
Believing in the distance,
Trying to make things right.

I'm almost whole,
I'm so far from done,
Doing things I'm told,
Living in the sun.

I have it all but still incontent,
I'm melting but still i stand,
trying very hard to pretend,
but my feet aren't touching this land.

Is everything alright?
I'm lost somewhere at midnight.
Without wings without hopes,
but a shelter that will hold.

find me someone take me away,
i need to for once live in the day,
far from the darkness i know there's light,
something i deserve, somewhere that's right.

hold me i'm falling out.
lift me higher than my doubts.
i need someone but i'll never show.
there's a slight emptiness beneath my glow.

written by my dear pal,

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