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Hiya i'm jody tague and im now offically 17. only 10 months to go until i hit the big 18 LOL.

I take each days as it comes and appriciate the good things in life, the things that really matter. I am out spoken honest and very tallkative. I don't like idiots that argue on the internet to have fun, if your one of these people, gosh i pity you.

I'd love you to comment on my poems, i allways comment other peoples cause i think there so many great poets on here.
oooh im also in the process of haveing one of my poems published in a book. pleased much?
Anyway speak soon or something i hope!


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  • Drink the night away.
    Lets drink the night away...

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    I think physical at least then hes not with her...

  • She looks in the mirror,
    and then she'll cry to what she sees...

  • You opinions intimidate me in an emotional way,
    you always leave my mind numb, and lead my...

  • Why do people say things
    when they don't mean a word...

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  • It takes alot of love to hate you like this

    12 years ago
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