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I am a cheerleadin, artist,drama lovin, science type,poem writin, country, tall dark and handsome, loving, bubbly, sweet, girl. I have experienced experiences in life that can be hard for a child. I understand alot for my age.

I am currently goin out with .......nobody.... lol nobody is perfect

I make an average of A

I think i am fat even though i KNOW i am not

i burnt my tongue raw on soup the other day

I dont' like history/arkansas history with a strong passion

I have 2 half siblings (girl and boy)
i have 5 step brothers

i love my brown hair
not too fond of my deep dark brown eyes but it is somthing i have to live with or fix over the summer when i get paid enough to change them to green cause blue will look funny

i don't cuss......i think it is pointless

i love my friends to death

I dont' like when people tell others they love them when they don't

i enjoy sleeping in garfield boxers and people say i look like amariah carey when i dont' and it does get on my nerves........i write the first chapter of books ..........but i cannot seem to get to the rest before i get a new idea for another

i am not the best spelur.....j/p .....speller in the world........

I am a glass half full of water person

My middle name .......i love

My foot is numb right now

I wish i could write how i feel.

My butt hurts,
IF you wanna contact me my im name is unbreakablebrowneyedsoutherngirl

I give nicknames to ppl i really care about

and now you know everything about me~!~

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  • Math is really easy.
    It should be the easiest subject.
    The answer is right infront of your face.
    You just have to look for it.

    14 years ago
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  • If you screw up once
    Its a screw up
    If you do it again
    Its a break up

    14 years ago
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