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There's not that much to tell except for that I am in college for fashion design. I hope someday I can be like Dior (My favorite fashion designer). I have a lot of friends on this site who have given me the strength to keep going. But most of all thanks to Auzie. He's been the greatest friend anyone could ever have and I love you man.

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  • "What sick, ridiculous puppets
    we are, and what a gross little
    stage we dance on. What fun we
    have, dancing and fvcking, not a
    care in the world. Not knowing that
    we are nothing. We are not what was
    intended." -----Se7en

    15 years ago
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  • " What you do today will not affect who you are today, but will affect who you are tomorrow."

    16 years ago
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  • "have a great day, and a better tomorrow"

    I say this all the time to my friends and fam

    16 years ago
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