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I love making collages:)
I live with no regrets.

"HONK IF YOU LIKE MY WIENER!"... Good times, good times. :D
I love sleeping. :]
I love Copeland.

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Latest Poems By amandalynn

  • If had ever asked, I think I would have answered.
    but of course the time has passed...

  • I've let life slip through the cracks in the...
    I can't tell which way is up...

  • I want a pony.
    That is rainbow colored...

  • Last year--
    To make things count...

  • I can't look in your eyes
    For I fear they'll tell the truth...

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  • Let's party like rockstars in the midst of procrastination thousands of miles apart.

    10 years ago
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  • Don't laugh at the truth...
    Because it's like laughing at someone who said they take slow classes because they're mentally retarded...

    *This isn't meant to be offensive to anyone*

    11 years ago
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  • You can't run away,
    When you have nowhere to go.

    11 years ago
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