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hello, im brianna, as my profile 18 and pretty content with life. feel free to pm me or whatever, im always willin to chat

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  • Age : 18
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  • Country : USA, Minnesota
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  • Linger (2)

    Fighting for the break, that changed us both
    deep inside I feel the burn, I feel the depth...

  • The ones to say forever
    leave the fastest...

  • I'm afraid to sleep, for I may catch a glance
    of something I'm holding so very close...

  • As I sit here in the day, I think of you
    first thing comes to mind: why am I so lucky...

  • With kisses floating on butterflies wings
    built just for my once so mellow heart...

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  • All i will ever need is the skin on my back and the true love that i just recently found in the depths of my soul

    14 years ago
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  • Even the purest hearted, caring and sweet have their moments of sour

    14 years ago
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  • Lifes most bumpy roads will lead you to a smooth ending

    14 years ago
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