I'm Steve and not the best poem writer in the world probably a 1out of 5. I know the feelings and words but just don't know how to make them flow.My poems and quotes relate to real life events ,the real me.


My poems do tell a real story about me.I have learnt that love does and can hurt.One door closes and another opens,things happen for a reason.
Please read and comment my poems I always do my best to return the favour.

I have recently found the love of my life Fritze after a recent marriage breakdown I love her more than anything in the world it is a match made in heaven I will love her till eternity.We are now happily engaged.

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  • Sunset (32) 2

    Along the golden sands
    Beyond the ocean blue, the sun slowly sets...

  • The full moon is the night we walk hand in hand
    We both really care otherwise we wouldn't be there...

  • My Dream (21) 3

    This is my dream
    I want to find a Princess...

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  • "There are 86400 seconds in a day , use one of them to tell someone you love them"

    17 years ago
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  • "There are no dress rehersals on life ,you are on stage right now"

    17 years ago
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  • "Dreams and wishes can and will come true you've just got to make them happen"

    17 years ago
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