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My name is Schylar. i live in Hedgesville West Virginia. Poetry, and music are the biggest parts of my life. I write about everything, if you pay attention, my poetry tells stories, the stories of my life. If you read some of my work, and don't understand it, don't be afraid to ask. i'll gladly explain it to you. i'd rather have you understand my work, than to criticize it for something it's not.
More about me: i hate liars, cheaters, and fake people. i don't have time to deal with everyones drama, i've been through shit you couldn't even imagine, and i've got better things in my life to worry about than the pitty little things going on in other people's lives.
Give me a chance, i'm a very nice person, and i've got a heart. i'm a hopeless romantic, but i've got major trust issues. my friends are few, and my tears are full but i'm just trying to conquer this thing called life.
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  • I Don't Forgive Because I'm Weak,
    I Forgive Because I'm Strong Enough To Know That Everyone Make Mistakes...

    11 years ago
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  • A broken heart,
    Mended with sweet words,
    Just to be broken again.


    12 years ago
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  • I wish you wouldn't have left me,
    Because then,
    I could've told my stories with my words,
    Not my wrists.


    12 years ago
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