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I am currently attending the University of Manitoba. I eventually want to teach high school English!
I am an athlete. I play soccer for multiple teams, and poetry is my life.

All these poems below represent my life. I don't write "fairy tale" poems. They're all events and situations I have experienced. They mean the world to me. These rhyming words are precious, they hold every moment I've experienced.

Your comments and votes are much appreciated, and I always return the favour!

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  • Age : 19
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Latest Poems By Lyndsay Kalyta

  • Like a rose blowing in the wind,
    A beautiful creation called you...

  • There's a different feeling
    Passing through me tonight...

  • You are more than amazing
    You leave my breath taken away...

  • He never rode a horse
    Ever so gallantly white...

  • Watch me jump, watch me miss my mark
    Watch me stretch, watch me break apart...

Latest Quotes By Lyndsay Kalyta

  • Everybody is an angel, it's just that sometimes, God clips our wings. All we have to do, though, is ask for a new pair so we can fly a little higer next time.

    14 years ago
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  • I need you to see me, I'm the one you left behind. I need you to find me, 'cause we're running out of time.

    14 years ago
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  • I wish I could wake up to you, now that would be a dream come true.

    14 years ago
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