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Yea... um.. im cool... so add me.

Oh, and i like to talk... hehe

I am in love, but I believe he has forgotten that I love him and now he wont believe that I do. It is the WORST feeling anyone could ever possibly feel.

I cry in the rain.

I cover up my smile.

I am ashamed of only myself.

I am slowly dying, and now you all know.

I am tired of lies, deceit, but mostly tired of that empty feeling where trust is supposed to be.

I am...


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  • Before you give out your heart, make sure they are willing to take it. And in return they share their heart with you.

    15 years ago
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  • Can you make yourself hate someone?

    If so... then wouldn't it be the same thing to make yourself love someone?

    I think so. Therefore, how do you know you really love me?

    15 years ago
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  • In a moment of pain and sorrow there is happiness. This happiness comes from inside you, deep down. Because now you are realizing that therre is no point in life. No reason to be here. That is, until you make one.

    15 years ago
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