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I'm a 5'1" Blue Eyed Blonde with a fit yet curvy figure. I love to read quotes and create them along with poetry and stories. I am a party child who doesn't care what anyone thinks I just live my life the way I want to. I hate people who judge or descriminate. Words of wisedom... Love with you've never been hurt, laugh likes its the most hilarious thing u've ever heard, and live everyday like its your last. Be sexy be true be YOU!!!

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Latest Poems By SheLovesHim PerfectlyPerfectTogether

  • Point a few more fingers
    whisper a few more lies...

  • No more tears to dry
    No more fears to cry...

  • Take that blade & run it across
    think of only you... their loss...

  • Did you ever fall for someone you shouldn't?
    try hard to fight your feelings but you couldn't...

  • && to this day
    she knows its true...

Latest Quotes By SheLovesHim PerfectlyPerfectTogether

  • ||-Through it all-||

    [...i made my mistakes...]

    __i stumble and fall__

    /but i MEAN these words/

    (i am nothing without u)

    12 years ago
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  • Old enuff to kno better...
    too in love to care. [<3]

    12 years ago
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  • && to this day she knows its tru, she should have looked the other way.... when she saw u

    12 years ago
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