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-Names: Mya-Nicole.

--let me make your day :]

-November 27th of every year i eat cake :]

--gainin my attention is easier than keepin it.

-i dont believe in love at my age.

--i say a lot of things, but only follow through about half.

-im puerto rican. black. & white.

---i love talkin bout cars :).

-im a dog lover...i only own six.

--i laugh at myself before anyone else gets the chance to.

-i say the word shit a lot.

--amazin dancers bring tears to my eyes.

-i love my friends. they are my 2nd family<3.

--photography currently owns my ♥

-i use my straightener like errrrrday!

-vans are theee only kind of shoes i will wear.

-i work full time & attend college full time

-second chances from me will be available when hell freezes over.

--i get along with guys more than i do girls.

-if u make me laugh guaranteed you have my ♥.

--music saves my soul<3

-me n math mix like oil and water. not well enufff haaa

I also want to apologize in advance for not writing weekly or monthly. I'm in a tight bind and don't have much time to relax and write. Thanks for reading and I hope you like my poems. Every comment you leave, is a comment you gain =].

[[it may take a while to reply. im unfortunately equipped with family conflicts during this time. my apologies peeps]]

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  • Im the author of my life and unfortunately i am writing in pen and cannot erase my mistakes...

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