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Have you got a clue?
All I know is, in a few short years, I'm out out out.
There's a very limited supply of ideas in this fish tank.


So about me?
My name is Alex, and I'm from lots of places. Wherever wants to claim me. (I wouldn't blame them if they didn't) My very favourite thing to do is to paint, and to run. I write on occasion. It's more of an occupational hazard than a hobby.

Right. So, RRC my featured poems first! They're all in much need of some lovin'. :D Seriously, though. I'd totally appreciate any input, and I always try try try to comment back.

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  • Age : 16
  • Gender : Female
  • Country : USA, New Hampshire
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Latest Poems By ALEX

  • Wade through the
    shallows of my head...

  • You

    You are the smoke
    billowed in my lungs...

  • Cradled in heavy, grieving arms,
    my head is wrapped in a fog of sorrow...

  • Three days ago in a fog filled yard there was a...
    was a soupy kind of darkness that ebbed away at...

  • This chair is soft.
    Squishy. My butt is so sunken into it that I don't...

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