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Well. I am new here, and I LOVE writing. I have tried to write happy poems and quotes, but for some reason...it just doesnt seem to work. I am not a sad person...atleast I dont think. I have written one book and I am currently writing a second one. It is about vampires. I havent thought of a name for it yet.
I have a great boyfriend, his name is Alex.
He is 18 years old, and I am so happy I met him. I love this guy so much, he makes me so happy, and i just feel so confident and like nothing can stop me when i am around him.

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  • "I only need to impress one person in this world...and you are looking right at her."


    17 years ago
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  • Some times I am too scared to even run away.


    17 years ago
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  • As I looked into your dieing and bleeding eyes, I realized that my life does have a purpose.

    17 years ago
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