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Hey well my name is Estefania i am 19 years old. i was born in L.A. i am a pretty laid back kinda person. i like to cook and one day hope to be a cheif. also i like to smile a lot and make ppl smile to. a lot of ppl tell me that i have a very pretty smile dont know.
i love to read/write poetry/swim/dance/draw/boxing but most of all just live life the best i can dont get me wrong i do like to party when the time is right. i like to have fun and i love to take risk cause thats what life is all about taking risk and thats what makes life intresting. i have a 7 year old nicie and a 1 year old newpew both of them are my world (as well as my mom)with out them i dont know what i would do! i love them to death because of them i changed my life and in a way i still keep changing! (lots of love to both my babies!)i love to get what i want cause hey i always do.But i have realize that when u want some thing you must fight for what you want and never give up! well thats a lil bit about me. hope you like my poems. oh and feel free to comet on my poems i would really like it if u did....and if u coment on mine i'll make sure to do the same......thanks!! siempre sonrie no matter wat!

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  • Wen life hands you lemons.....
    Throw dem at sumones head!!!!!!!!!

    11 years ago
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  • Love is never forever......

    11 years ago
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  • Life is like a journey,
    Sometime rough and bumpy
    and at times even blury.
    But always with a great rewarda at the end!

    12 years ago
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