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they all call me angel were i live even though im the coldest out of them all.

Sin is a way humans describe evil things and evil is a way that god told us we are not perfect well I say f**k him my perfection is for me to decide and my sin is my salvation not my damnation, and my damnation is a true freedom from all to those who are week and lay in waist. Nightmares are true for those who make them real and I love the reality of my nightmare. I want to find someone who can understand me and my words.

but go ahad write me, comment my shit rank my poems just remember...

do unto me good and good will fallow do unto me evil and evil will end you...

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  • I met a wolf once traviling through the voud of...
    i love you my brother and i wil see you again one...

  • You can shoot if you want to
    push the pedal...

  • You are my Sinn you know inside,
    So I kept my promise no matter how bad it hurt...

  • This world is to cold
    It holds no hope for me or you...

  • And as the sun sets tristen will sing...
    "you are my angel from God, the only one who...

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  • Any desease is my perfume and another world war is all im for.

    11 years ago
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  • For though of you who travel the path of life, only death awaits you.

    11 years ago
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  • I can lead you to heaven but, i leave you at the door.

    12 years ago
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