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Well i'm Justyce!!! lol.... im a young poemist so to say. I love everything about it poetry because it has a way of expressing how you feel. It makes me understand things better and i love when people tell me i touched them with my poems, it makes me so happy to know tht people really read my work. Now not to be rash/mean all my work is original even my quotes i really try not to steal from other people so if you like a quote just try to site it as mine because we all want credit for what were good for right?? well

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  • Mirror Mirror; can't you see
    the tears upon my face...

  • She sat in the mirror crying
    she could see the flaws on her face...

  • She jumped from the building in the sky
    to get away from the demons in her mind...

  • The silence of the dark lake
    moon illuminating the stillness of the night...

  • When you look at me
    can you see my flaws...

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  • Why couldn't i be your choice, instead of your option.

    6 years ago
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  • I could have loved you till we were dead, buried in the ground together, but you have choosen and I can't, won't love you anymore.

    7 years ago
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  • Tears never run out, I just think you get tired for crying for the same person.

    7 years ago
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