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i love to write poems and listen to music....... my fav band is fallout boy!!! <3 pete wentz

close to all my poems are about one boy..... i can't mention the name but i truely love him.... he is all i really have in the world.... hes my best guy friend and i feel safe around him...... i trust him with everything. <3

Any way i use poetry to deal with reality and the hurt in my life......I might care about that one boy but his feeelings are different my poems help me deal with that... my "best friend" turnd out to be a lier...... she hurt me and my life is crazy and all hell could not compare to what i go through each day. these poems are my deepest feelings.

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  • Every tear is a reflection of what he did to my heart

    12 years ago
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  • Why do we have best friends if they just leave you for the next best thing.

    12 years ago
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