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Not too long ago, I just discovered my inner poet. I know, I know. Sounds cheesy right? Well this is the way I get out what I have to say, but in a beautiful form. Poetry. I've grown attached to it. I'm a very deep and sensitive person, but at school I'm known as the silly funny one. But on here, I can express my true feelings. I hope you enjoy my poems! :D

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  • I sleep to wake up to him,
    I breathe to make out with him.
    My chances of this happening,
    are pretty god damn slim.

    12 years ago
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  • You sit on the toilet,
    with your pants down to your ankles.
    You wonder what you ate?
    It must of been those Lays Ruffles...

    12 years ago
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  • I know I sound complicated,
    but life is a complicated place.
    Maybe if you knew me,
    I'd remember your pathetic face.

    12 years ago
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