Favorite Poems of paul alexander

  • Im Am (2)

    by Kristi lee

    I'm this girl who's hurting on the inside and know...
    I'm this girl who have scars deep down inside me...

  • Before you sleep (17)

    by Loved In Hell

    Now i lay me down to sleep
    i pray the lord my soul to keep...

  • Little boys (1)

    by Neta

    Mommy warned me about little boys
    about those who play games...

  • I Wish (1)

    by HD

    I wish you knew what was in my heart
    A love so strong, and a fear we might part...

  • I'm Dead (2)

    by Kristi lee

    Im lying in my grave.
    And you dont even care that Im dead. Thanks to you...

  • Will things get better? (8)

    by lonelynow

    "Will things get better?"
    The little girl cried...

  • No forever (2)

    by Melissa Loves Cory

    Back to the wall
    crying uncontrollably...

  • Have You Ever? (2)

    by Tanya

    Have you ever walked in the streets or in school...
    Have you ever cried because you miss a person so...

  • Forever... (1)

    by Natali Lopez

    I wish it were just me and you,
    you and me...