About rona = Main Uddin Ahmed says: "By reading Rona's poems it may be felt that she is a good heart poet. I like her poems because she writes wholeheartedly and sincerely. My good wishes for Rona Caysido".


* SAM from Florida,about Rona Caysido’s poem ‘Incredible Behavior’ says: Poetry belongs both to the poet and the reader. Everyone's reality is different and reactions to poetry will vary. Rona Caysido is a poet who many people take lightly. There is a validity to that for those who do not resonate with the words. It is always good to visit poetry at different times in life. The experience I felt when reading this grasped my breath and emptied me of all despair. In such words you have found a way to explain what it is like to create a casing of protection from pain or any feelings. Although I try my best, the poem is by far the greates I have ever read. It encompasses such great artistic virtues its unbelievable. The words of Brilliant, beautiful, wonderful and awesome. Falls short of the art you had shared with the world. Your skills as a writer. Sould not go unlooked. Way to Go!

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  • Love is not a JOKES
    ( relationship between man and woman...

  • His smile is a charm,
    And beauty of my heart...

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    Thunders rumbling...

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  • Me want to care,
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  • Even if the EYES were blind, The HEART can speak- RCaysido

    8 years ago
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  • Love is like a faith or belief that there is GOD exist. It doesn't matter if the body lives apart. Matter is on how its connected the two souls spiritually. RCaysido

    8 years ago
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  • I am sure one day he will come again,
    Like a full moon and I will shine within,
    He will be my knight if enemies came,
    To fight for battle of my heart that no one cares.RCaysido

    8 years ago
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