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-------Being a poet, is a passion that drives someone to make wild statements. its a cure for the unwanted feelings, to get rid of emotions. Poetry is not just words but it is an art. An art that you alone can understand, a talent and your life.

-------Making words carved in a paper, is the power of the mind itself, to know what you can do, to know how to do. it relates us well how to perform actions, if its right or wrong, to know our limitations, to know what is the best.

---------For me poetry is not a bad habit. its not being a loner or something, but it is being yourself.

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  • *|Being a poet, is not being emotional but it is a potential|*

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  • *|being innocent doesn't mean you're useless|*

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  • *|There are lot of things that I wish I could done instead of sitting and complaining that I have a boring life|*

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